Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions


I (hereinafter Guest) agrees to participate in the Club Getaway Weekend Program (hereinafter Getaway/Survive and Thrive Today) and affirm that my participation is completely voluntary. Alcohol: Alcohol will be available for consumption at Getaway if you are 21 years or older.  Due to Connecticut State liquor laws and Liquor Liability insurance, Guest are not permitted to bring alcohol on property and only permitted to drink alcoholic beverages in certain locations on site.


Identification: Guests are required to wear wristbands at all times during the Survive and Thrive Today/Getaway weekend. By accepting receipt of this wristband, participating in activities, eating meals, or staying on property, will also indicate acceptance of this Participant Agreement.


Contact information: Survive and Thrive Today /Getaway is required to have contact information for each guest on property. Specifically we must have a way to contact a guest while on property, please provide a cell phone number, e-mail, or another way we can contact Guest below.  This will be on your registration form.


Code of Conduct: Getaway/Survive and Thrive Today is committed to maintaining a pleasurable, comfortable and safe camp environment and community, and therefore expects guests to adhere to a code of conduct with respect to other Guests and Getaway, Crew members and Volunteers. The following are examples of unacceptable behavior: Threatening or harassing verbal or physical behaviors, excessive drinking or disorderly conduct. Using activities when not staffed by a Club Getaway Crew Member. Intentionally destroying Getaway equipment, or facilities. Unsupervised Campfires. Bringing any type of weapon on property. Excessive, inappropriate or disruptive actions. Though actions may not be listed above, any action that Getaway Management deems to be in anyway inappropriate can be deemed as going against the Code of Conduct. Any person considered to be in violation of this code of conduct may be expelled from the property, and banned from returning to Getaway.


Guest Release of Liability: Please read and understand the implications of signing Express Assumption of Risk Associated with Adventure Activities, and residing in nature in a camp like environment. Guest hereby understands that there are inherent risks including but not limited to significant bodily harm, illness, injury, or death (hereinafter inherent risks) in the activities and residing in the country. I also understand that, despite all safety precautions, Club Getaway/Survive and Thrive Today cannot guarantee that participant will not be injured. Inherent Risks include but is not limited to:1.Uneven Terrain, 2. Guest negligence or negligence of others including Club Getaway staff members 3. Fatigue, exhaustion, or dehydration. 4. Wildlife and Insects 5.Drowning or submersion in water 5. Severe weather 6. Equipment failure 7. Falling Tree Limbs 8. Food related illness 9.Falling Boulders 10. Drowning 11. Communicable diseases 12.Transportation accidents.  I understand that the descriptions of these risks is not complete and unknown or unanticipated risks may result in injury, illness or death. In consideration for permitting me to participate in Club Getaway/ Survive and Thrive Today weekend, I voluntarily agree, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, to the following: 1.TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS OR LOSS, OR PERSONAL INJURY of participating in the Activities and using Club Getaway’s equipment, even those caused by the negligent acts or conduct of Club Getaway its owners, affiliates, operators, employees, agents, and/or officers. The Guest understands that there are inherent risks of participating in the Activities and using the Equipment, which may be both foreseen and unforeseen and include serious physical injury and death; 2.TO RELEASE, WAIVE, HOLD HARMLESS, DISCHARGE, & AGREE NOT TO SUE the person or entity responsible for administering Getaway, or it’s trustees, officers, employees, agents, students, and staff (hereinafter referred to as “releases”) from any and all liability, claims, actions, demands, expenses, attorney fees, breach of contract actions, breach of statutory duty, or other duty of care, warranty, strict liability actions, and causes of action whatsoever, that guest might now have or may acquire in the future, arising out of the inherent risks outlined above, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, while training for, traveling to or from, or participating in Getaway/Survive and Thrive Today  events. This includes any claims based on the negligence of Getaway, its employees or agents. 3.OUTSIDE VENDORS In addition to paragraph 2. above GUEST acknowledges that there are outside vendors which will conduct their activities at Club Getaway. The signee acknowledges that those activities which are offered at Club Getaway by these vendors (e.g. Hot Air Balloon, Fly Boarding, and Mechanical Bull) are separate and distinct entities from Club Getaway. As such, should signee choose to engage in these activities with outside vendors while at Club Getaway/ Survive and Thrive Today weekend signee does so at their own risk. Club Getaway /Survive and Thrive Today does not guarantee the safety or security of any of these outside vendors or the activities. These outside vendors may require an additional waiver, Guest agrees to release Getaway/Survive and Thrive Today from all liability and agrees to all terms is the above paragraph 2 as it applies to Getaway’s/Survive and Thrive Today liability with any negligence of an outside vendor. Validity of Waiver I understand and agree that if I institute, or anyone on my behalf institutes any action at law, for any claim for damages against any of the releases because of any injury to a person, or my death, due to the activities covered by this agreement, this agreement can and will be used as evidence in court, and that agreements like this one have been upheld in courts in similar circumstances. Guest agrees that any dispute concerning, relating, arising out of or referring to the subject matter of this agreement shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration in the county of Litchfield, in the state of Connecticut, according to the then existing commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association and the Substantive laws of that state.


Photography/Videography: Release Participant grants to Club Getaway/Survive and Thrive Today, its representatives, and employees the right to take photographs in connection with their participation in the program. Participant also authorizes Club Getaway to copyright use, and publish the same in print and/or electronically. Participant hereby agrees that Club Getaway may use such photographs and video of participant for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to publicity, illustration, advertising and Web content.


Cancellation Policy : All sales are final and we are not able to cancel or refund after the booking