Indian Americans co‐founded firm to host bootcamp for entrepreneurs, startups in Malibu

Indian Americans co‐founded firm to host bootcamp for entrepreneurs, startups in Malibu



New York, NY: After their stupendous success last year, Survive and Thrive Today will again host their annual three‐ day boot camp event at the picturesque Hess Kramer Camp in Malibu, CA. Last year some of the countryʼs most powerful business leaders headlined the Survive and Thrive Today which drew entrepre‐ neurs from over 11 countries. Created for mission‐driven entrepreneurs. Shark Tankʼs original shark, Kevin Harrington, CEO of Marquis Jets Jesse Itzler, Motivating the Masses founder Susie offered business owners the opportunity to learn, connect, pitch for investments and grow at a weekend summer camp for adults.


This year Survive and Thrive Today, a community dedicated to practical and focused support for entrepreneurs to get the knowledge, resources and partner‐ ship they require have assembled anoth‐ er stellar line‐up of Keynotes, Investors, Mentors and awesome startups to contin‐ ue the tradition of mixing work and play. Movie Pass CEO, Mitch Lowe, a company that is currently undergoing huge shift in its business will be one of the Keynotes. He was also a founding member of Netflix. Along with him Vernice “FLY‐ GIRL” Armour and Bill Reichert will also be the other keynotes. There are many featured speakers such as Erik Qualman and Jesse Draper. An over 25 strong Indian startup contingents are planning to attend the event as well. Last year one of the Indian companies that attended went on to raise capital and be featured in Forbes and Fortune.


Only 300 people are invited to Survive and Thrive Today to ensure maximum exposure and organic connections.


“As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that success comes from inspiration, sup‐ port and practical solutions,” says co‐ founder Sachin Narode, Founder of Xeniapp, (, a company focused on changing the way people travel. “I have personally been to hun‐ dreds of conferences looking for and not finding what we have created with.


The cofounders of Survive and Thrive Today ‐ Marva Allen, Swatick Majumdar and Sachin Narode.

Survive and Thrive Today. At Survive and Thrive Today, we do not talk at entrepre‐ neurs; we interact with them and put them in front of people who can truly influence their growth. What has changed for several of our attendees in less than a year has been heartwarming.


“As a mentor, advisor and a venture capitalist to several startups,” says co‐ founder Swatick Majumdar, I have wit‐ nessed from ground level the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurs.


Itʼs a journey of highs and lows; grati‐ tude and rejections, loneliness and many sleepless nights. Therefore, at Survive and Thrive Today we are keeping all that in mind when designing our three‐day event. It will prepare the entrepreneurs and startups to make the right choices at the right time with guidance from our mentors, investors and business thought leaders.”


CEO and Co‐founder Marva Allen, a serial entrepreneur, tech innovator and trailblazer whose platform Wordeee, ( she believes, is the future of publishing, has this to say, “I was blown away by the entrepreneurs who turned up from all over the world to be at Survive and Thrive Today. Their prob‐ lems were the same and they provided enormous support for each other.”