Entrepreneur- noun. One who organizes, manages and assumes risks of a business or enterprise. Well that’s how Webster defines it. However, that does little to encompass what it really takes to be one. They are not only a special breed of people, but dreamers who defies most odds to execute on their vision. Therefore, it’s no accident that the word “entrepreneur” is loaded with 4 Es and 3 Rs. Attributes of those letters pretty much sums it up. So, what are the defining principles to be a good and successful entrepreneur?

E: Enterprising. They have the inordinate ability to dream up ideas before anyone else and create a roadmap that changes the dream into a reality.

N: No Fear. They are bold and will take on challenges head on to execute on their vision.

T: Transparent and Truthful. To be successful they have to be true to themselves and their employees about all aspects of the business. They are accessible and do not live in ivory towers. Always transparent, therefore never stand the risks of being second guessed.

R: Resilient. It’s a long journey with peaks and valleys of emotions, mental and physical exhaustion, loneliness and desperation. Through these trials and tribulations an entrepreneur emerges victorious.

E: Enigmatic. ENOUGH SAID.

P: Problem solver. The leader of the pack. The motivator-in-chief, the guide. Their leadership steers the starship enterprise out of harm’s way. They have an open office policy and ready to take decisive actions in problem solving. They are the ones that imbibe the right culture throughout the organization.



R: Risk taker. One of the best attributed found in all successful entrepreneurs. As two popular adages states, “You can’t steal second with your foot on first” or “if you want to discover new horizon, you to have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

E: Easy to get along with. All successful entrepreneur is tactful, diplomatic and people’s person. They are held in high esteem which helps in the productivity of the enterprise.

N: Never taking “NO” for an answer. History is littered with episodes where entrepreneurs have time and again proven their distractors wrong. They are realistic and practical in their approach.

E: Emotionally strong. In a business, mistakes will be made, failures are part of the equation and challenges crop up unannounced. An entrepreneur is stoic and strong. They see failures as a batch of honor. It’s well said, “You never fail, you either succeed or learn”.

U: Unifier and Unbiased. They say some are born leaders or for some, it is thrust upon you. I believe you can also learn to be one as well. You are the referee, the judge and the jury. Successful ones are those who play fair and are unbiased no matter the over-all cost. The future judges them by their decisions of being either a unifier or a destroyer.

R: Resourceful. Another powerful aspect that is a “must have”. A good entrepreneur has the unique ability to think outside the box, adapt, change, pivot and move ahead all the time using all the options and resources at their disposal at that time.


Swatick Majumdar

The author is the co-founder of Survive and Thrive Today, a community of startups, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. The platform hosts a 3-day boot camp to teach entrepreneurs on the principles of success via mentorships, masterminds, indoor and outdoor activities. It’s a process designed to take them from surviving to thriving. The next event is in Malibu, CA from Oct 26th-28th 2018.
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