About us


After attending numerous start-up summits and conferences for entrepreneurs, though we walked away with valuable information they did not provide exactly what we needed to make a difference to our businesses. A growing company requires true access to information, investors, partners and resources in an intimate, relaxed and fun setting that can make a real difference to their business. We didn’t see it in the marketplace so WE CREATED IT.

Our T.H.R.I.V.E. Manifesto and Core Values

Our Mission

``Our Mission is to help Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs get the Knowledge, Resources and Partnerships to go from Surviving to Thriving.``

Survive and Thrive Today Retreat and Startup Venture Fund


Founded in 2017 with a successful launch and strong brand identity, Survive and Thrive Today is a bootcamp type conference for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to take action to move their companies from surviving to thriving, while impacting the community and creating change. Different from other conferences, we encourage entrepreneurs to replace their sports jackets and shoes with a fleece and sneakers for a weekend of work, integration, inspiration, connections, and adventure.


Survive and Thrive Today brings together successful business leaders, accredited investors, proven mentors and global entrepreneurs and students, who are we believe will be future leaders. Our goal is to elevate their game for peak success. These entrepreneurs have survived the startup phase and now need real access and real information to make a difference to their businesses and community.

Come join this Entrepreneurial Revolution and Movement of

‘Purpose, Passion & Freedom’

Our Team


Founder/CEO, Wordeee

Co-Founder, Survive and Thrive Today

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CEO, Xeniapp

Co-Founder, Survive and Thrive Today

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Venture Partner

CMO Survive and Thrive Today


Sweta Patel

Startup Advisor



Product Manager at Xeniapp
Designer at Survive and Thrive Today


Tracy Moody

Special Advisor


Marina Nicholas

European Partner


PowerPoint Presentation
Emily Webb

West Coast USA Partner


Co-Founder & COO of Wordeee

Entrepreneur/Strategic Communications Advisor


Nitin Adsul

Creative Content Director



Special Advisor India


Crystal Warner

Founder, Dream Maker Travel


Jennifer Jacques

Managing Partner at Jacques & Associates


Nishant Manchanda

Co-Founder, India Network


Leslie Bourne

President / Founder of Fulcrum Adventures



Director, Business Development

Drone Pilot and Visual Designer


President TRANSWORLD Business Advisors of Loudoun County VA


Souniya Khurana

Head – Community Development


Burt Blackarach

Grammy-Winner and Seasoned Music Producer


Leo VanWarmerdam

Partner with Fulcrum Leadership Institute


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  • Begin your day with meditating by a beautiful lake or just going for a run.
  • Meet with Investors and Mentors in an intimate setting of no more than 250 people
  • Participate in Camp challenges (access to 20+ fun activities including zip-lining, rock climbing, water sports and outdoor leadership/teamwork exercises)
  • Attend facilitated mastermind workshops and Q&A panels

  • Learn how to write a book to deepen your brand value
  • Want a friendly ‘Shark’ in your Tank?  Vie for just 10 positions in the ‘Thrive Venture Finale’ on Sunday and potentially walk away with funding to take your business to the next level!
  • Listen to and meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs today.
  • Last but not least, dance and sing the night away!