September Boot Camp Brings Together Entrepreneurs, Influencers, & Investors

September Boot Camp Brings Together Entrepreneurs, Influencers, & Investors

On September 8 – 10, 2017, entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers like Jesse Itzler, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Kevin Harrington, an original ABC Shark Tank judge, and Susie Carder, of Motivating the Masses will come together at Club Getaway in Kent, CT

Survive and Thrive is a boot camp for the entrepreneurs who want to move their companies from “surviving to thriving.” It brings together influential and successful business leaders, accredited investors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and students.

The idea was the brain child of legendary entrepreneur Marva Allen. Allen, whose latest project is a social platform and literary hub called Wordeee, is probably be best known for guiding the iconic Hue-Man Bookstore to global success, when she joined as majority partner and CEO in 2004. Prior to Hue-Man, Allen was president and a co-owner of USI, a multi-million dollar technology firm.

She and partners Sachin Narode, of Xeniapp, and David Schreiber, of Club Getaway, “decided to create the conference that we would love to have gone to with Survive and Thrive.”

I caught up with Allen, and she shared more about the experience she hopes the boot camp will create for entrepreneurs and investors.

 How did the idea of Survive and Thrive come about?

We wanted to get back to what the famed Web Summit technology conference was in 2009 -2011, when it spawned Uber and Airbnb. It was the intimacy, access, and partnerships that made a difference in the lives of these entrepreneurs.


What’s behind the idea of a boot camp setting?

We wanted both the investor and the entrepreneur to form relationships. We wanted them to see each other beyond the seven minute pitch. At Camp Getaway, we could create a sort of outward bound experiential environment…When actual problems entrepreneurs face in real life are simulated through gamification. Mentors, investors, and coaches watch how these entrepreneurs handle problem solving, leadership, team building, and so on. Entrepreneurs see how investors respond to them and if there are synergies in style and values.


What types of entrepreneurs are you aiming to serve?

We are looking for mission-driven start-ups with revenue, and lifestyle entrepreneurs, meaning they should have launched their businesses, and are at the stage where they need strategy or money. We have also reserved spots for students.


 Do entrepreneurs have direct access to investors?

Absolutely, at a ratio of 1-10. We have the right investors for our audience, namely Angels and VC’s, many from Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs also get to practice their pitches in our masterminds sessions, and meet them one on one in mentoring session. Finally, those selected get to actually pitch to investors on the final day of the camp.


 Who are the investors who will be there? What types of companies are they looking for?

We have investors who focus on start-up and lifestyle companies. They can invest anywhere for $50,000 to $1 million. The VC’s are more focused on lifestyle entrepreneurs, meaning those making $250,000 and above per year. We encourage every and any form of tech including non-profits using tech to solve problems. We have investors in travel, fintech, e-commerce, social impact investors, you name it. All tech entrepreneurs are welcomed, and we are especially reaching out to women in tech come to the table.

Go to to learn more about the conference. Participation is limited to 300 attendees.



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